Our history stems back well over 34 years beginning with the acquisition of Galgo Gunboat ‘Copper’ in 1981 bred by Judy Fowler


Galgo Ghost … ‘Spook’ also bred by Judy and was our second Weimaraner born in 1985.


… next came ‘Yoda’ .. Manhyn Monarch in 1994 ..


.. quickly followed by, ‘Solo’ aka Savril Merry Memories … bred by the late Avril Akin in 1996


… although we have lots of history in the breed, we had never actually considered breeding but now that both Ed and I are retired and with Anne Stones request it seems the most logical and enjoyable thing to do.

Due to medical reasons I am unfortunately unable to race around the show ring exhibiting like I used to in the old days but thoroughly enjoy watching husband Ed who has taken over this role together with the working side of things and together we adore all our dogs both current and those who have passed over Rainbow Bridge, we hold them very close to our hearts and are both so proud of our history and achievements.